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Revision Total Hip Replacement

As with revision knee surgery, this is required when the first joint replacement has failed. With the success of primary THR, this is thankfully quite a rare operation.

It involves removing the old implant carefully along with any cement and replacing it with a new, revision THR implant. The new THR will usually be longer than the original one.

The surgery is more time consuming, more technically demanding and has a longer recovery time than the primary THR.

Indications for revision THR

Aseptic loosening (no infection)
Deep infection
Recurrent dislocation

If the revision is being done for infection, then the revision operation will usually be performed in 2 stages:
Stage 1:                     removal of old implant and clearance of all infected tissue. Insertion of  temporary hip spacer.
Interim Period:           intravenous / oral antibiotics for 6 about weeks
Stage 2:                     implantation of revision THR


X-ray showing a loose femoral component. The bone around the stem is thin and weakened.              Post operative x-ray of a revision THR