yarmouth orthapaedic surgeon


I am able to offer the very latest surgical techniques and implants for your surgery.  I have a particular interest in procedures such as arthroscopic ‘key-hole’ surgery, ligament reconstruction, cartilage repair, partial, total and revision knee and hip replacement. A convenient appointment for an initial consultation will be made for you usually within a week or 2 of referral.

Consultations can be arranged at either East Point Consulting Rooms at The James Paget University hospital (www.epcr.org.uk) or at Hill House Consulting Rooms, The Spire Norwich Hospital (www.spirehealthcare.com/Norwich/). It usually lasts 20-30 minutes during which time I will take a thorough history and examine you. I may need to send you for investigations which may take another week or 2.

If a procedure is required, a mutually convenient date for this can be made in the clinic. Some procedures will require a pre-assessment clinic appointment before your operation. You will be admitted to the ward on the day of surgery. Once again, you have the choice of being admitted to either The Charnwood Suite, James Paget University Hospital or The Spire Norwich Hospital.

Procedures offered

Knee (Soft tissue / Sports injury)  Knee (osteoarthritis) Hip
Knee Arthroscopy Primary total knee replacement     Primary total hip replacement
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Revision total knee replacement  Revision total hip replacement
Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Uni-compartment knee replacement (half knee)
Collateral ligament reconstruction Patello-femoral replacement  
Meniscal repair High tibial osteotomy (re-alignment)  
Cartilage repair Patient specific, computer-assisted knee replacement  
Surgery for patella (kneecap) instability