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Patient Specific Total Knee Replacement (TKR) and Other Recent Advances

As discussed in the revision TKR section, TKR’s can fail early if the components are incorrectly positioned (more than 3 degrees out) or if the sizing is incorrect. Visionaire is a new technology which I am able to offer. It is designed to help the surgeon implant the TKR perfectly in terms of sizing, alignment and soft tissue balancing. This should increase the life span of the TKR.

It uses an MRI scan of the arthritic knee from which a virtual 3 dimensional model can be made by a computer. From this model, cutting blocks which are used in the eventual operation are manufactured. These will only fit the shape of your knee and are specifically positioned so that the cuts that I make prior to implantation of the TKR will result in near perfect positioning of the implant. The time taken to perform the operation is also reduced.


Picture showing the patient specific cutting blocks made from the MRI scan.


Another recent advance that I can offer for both hip and knee replacements is Verilast This is a new bearing surface which reduces the amount of wear particles generated from the high density plastic. In lab studies which simulate walking, this combination of ceramic-like metal (oxinium)on high density plastic (XLPE) has lasted for 30 years. However, this is yet to be proven in clinical practice.